Introduction to the Research Software Engineering Summerschol

Last minute organization issues

  • Benedikt has Corona since last week - he hopes to make it. He hopes to give this talk hybrid, but we’ll see!

  • Some words on what can be paid: All lunch + Food Mo + We + Bowling Entry+Shoes. No food/drinks on any other days unfortunately.

Structure of the summer school

  • Check out the schedule

  • In the beginning we will focus on the Research Software Engineering part.

  • Advanced Julia, later this week and by custom request. We hope we put enough slack time in!

Your teaching staff I

PrzemysΕ‚aw Szufel

Hendrik Ranocha

Lisa DeBruine

Your teaching Staff II

Marco Oesting

Benjamin Uekermann

Benedikt Ehinger

Introduction to Research Software Engineering

Starting Points

  • DORA declaration in 2012: reshape how research impact should be assessed underlining importance of software

For the purposes of research assessment, consider the value and impact of all research outputs (including datasets and software) in addition to research publications …

RSE Movement

… academic software developers needed a name: Research Software Engineers

UK Society of RSE:

A Research Software Engineer (RSE) combines professional software engineering expertise with an intimate understanding of research.

  • β€œMovement” started in the UK, first UK RSE conference in 2016
  • First conferences in Germany and the Netherlands in 2019
  • de-RSE position paper in 2020
  • Second Thursday of October is the International RSE Day
  • Why be an RSE? Interesting and novel projects, technical freedom, RSEs come from varied backgrounds, development for social good

Do I need this in Industry?

  • Yes. Research also happens in industry.
  • All RSE things we learn (Git, packaging, CI/CD, virtualization, documentation, …) is also highly relevant for non-research software.
  • Companies use (more and more) the same workflows and tools.
    • It is not just about coding. It is about collaborative work.
  • Open-source development excellent door opener for industry.
  • Some companies use open-source software and need to make contributions.
  • Some companies develop their software as open-source software.

Why RSE+Julia?

  • RSE is comparatively easy in Julia
  • Julia resolves 2-language problem: β€œnormalish” Scientists can write1 fast tools
  • Hendrik will dive into details


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