Why documentation?

If people don’t know why your project exists, they won’t use it. If people can’t figure out how to install your code, they won’t use it. If people can’t figure out how to use your code, they won’t use it.

What should documentation be like?

  • ARID (“Accept (some) Repetition in Documentation”)
    • Not like code (for code: DRY - “don’t repeat yourself”)
    • Repetition from code to docs is OK
  • Skimmable
    • Headings: descriptive, concise
    • Rather use listings / “wall of text”
    • Add examples
  • Best: Link to other functions (discoverability)

Types of Documentation


  • always have a README file

  • What problem the project solves

  • Code example (best with screenshot)

  • Support / Issue-tracker

  • Contribution Guide

  • Installation instruction

  • License

  • (Roadmap)

  • (Acknowledgement)

A template Readme


# Changelog

## v1.0.0
### Breaking 
- *Removed* function X (@behinger)
- *Deprecated* Y (@contributor)
- *Changed* input to Z (#143)

### Minor
- *Fixed* typos in docs
- *Added* new feature :tada:
- *Security* issue found. No fix yet


dont rather
Input Error Input Error: x was not a Float64, please check you didn’t provide an integer
This should never have happened XYZ was not fullfilled, please reach out as this should not have happened
  • Provide context
  • Provide advice
  • Check your tone

more advise on writethedocs.org


    radius(H::Hyperrectangle, [p]::Real=Inf)::Real

Return the radius of a hyperrectangle.

# Arguments

- `H` -- hyperrectangle
- `p` -- (optional, default: `Inf`) norm

# Output

A real number representing the radius.

# Notes

The radius is defined as the radius of the enclosing ball of the given
`p`-norm of minimal volume with the same center.

# Examples

julia> bar([1, 2], [1, 2])

See also [`bar!`](@ref), [`baz`](@ref), [`baaz`](@ref).
function radius(H::Hyperrectangle, p::Real=Inf)::Real

Use a template and add it to all your functions

Julia Documentation Guide

The Manual

A recommended system for documentation

Example: A cookbook-toolbox

Tutorials How-To Reference Explanation
teaching a child to cook several recipes how ginger is added to the pot why garlic is needed in all cookingh
a lesson a series of steps dry description discursive explanation
beginners/users users developers users/developers

Check out the extended guide on divio.com