Installing Julia

The recommended way to install julia is juliaup. It allows you to, e.g., easily update Julia at a later point, but also test out alpha/beta versions etc.

TLDR; If you dont want to read the explicit instructions, just copy the following command


AppStore -> JuliaUp, or winget install julia -s msstore in CMD

Mac & Linux

curl -fsSL | sh in any shell


There is a julia-package Revise.jl that everyone should install. To do so open a julia REPL (=command line) and execute the following lines:

using Pkg

and that’s it. Revise automatically screens the active packages and updates the function if it detects code changes. Similar to autoreload 2 in ipython.


To install VSCode (the recommended IDE), go to this link and download + install the correct package.

Next, install the Julia extension

(thanks to for providing us with the nice graphics)

Finally press Ctrl + Shift + P to get VSCodes command palette, and type in Julia: Start REPL

Optional: OhMyREPL

Optionally you cann install a package to give you nicer syntax highlighting in the REPL.

  1. Install the package: ]activate (without a path after activate, you activate the β€œglobal” environment) ]add OhMyREPL

  2. Add it to your startup.jl Open .julia/config/startup.jl or c:/users/USERNAME/.julia/config/startup.jl on windows and add

atreplinit() do repl
        @eval using OhMyREPL
    catch e
        @warn "error while importing OhMyREPL" e