Research Software Engineering with Julia: Basics, Visualization, and Statistics

πŸ‘‹ Welcome!

This websites links all materials (slides + exercises) for the 2023 RSE+Julia Summerschool at SimTech, Stuttgart University

General information about the summer school can be found here.

🍳Before the summerschool

Please, take a minute to Install Julia! and VSCode

πŸ“… During the summerschool

Keep this website ready and have a look at the schedule!

πŸ—Ί Where is the summerschool?

In the SimTech Building, Pfaffenwaldring 5a, 70569 Stuttgart

Seminar room in the groundfloor (directly at the entrance)

Link to map

βš— Advanced topics

We probably have some time to discuss advanced topics towards the end of the summers school. You are welcome to send an email to benedikt and/or put it into the git issue

We wish you all a interesting, safe and fun summerschool. If there are any interpersonal issues (especially regarding code-of-conduct), please directly contact Benedikt Ehinger1. For organizational issues, please contact Sina Schorndorfer

Best, Benedikt, Benjamin, Marco


  1. If there are problem with him, please contact Marco Oestingβ†©οΈŽ