List of Julia Cheetsheets

Matlab-Julia-Python Julia Basic Commands (pdf)


Julia Python R
Documentation ?obj help(obj) ?obj , help(obj)
Object content dump(obj) print(repr(obj)) str(obj)
Exported functions names(FooModule) dir(foo_module) ls("package:foo_module")
List function signatures with that name methods(myFun) methods(myFun)
List functions for specific type methodswith(SomeType) dir(SomeType) methods(SomeType)
Where is …? @which func func.__module__
What is …? typeof(obj) type(obj) class(obj)
Is it really a …? isa(obj, SomeType) isinstance(obj, SomeType) is(obj, SomeType)


@run sum(5+1) run debugger, stop at error/breakpoints
@enter sum(5+1) enter debugger, dont start code yet
@show variable prints: variable = variablecontent
@debug variable prints only to debugger, very convient in combination with >ENV["JULIA_DEBUG"] = ToBeDebuggedModule (could be Main as well)